2 comments on “Fantasy Football: 2013 Picks

  1. Disagree with your assessments on Brady and Fitzgerald. Agree on CJ Spiller. Those were my big ones. Biggest reason on Fitzy: He has no QB, and needs one. And he’s another year older. Just some quick thoughts. I just posted my analysis on my blog, check it out!

    • Thanks for checking it out! Appreciate your comments… You’re correct that Fitzgerald has no QB, but Palmer sadly is an improvement over Skelton & Co. from last season – and I actually kind of like Skelton. Brady is definitely going to “struggle” this season, but it’s all in perspective. Fitzgerald will improve over 2012, which is why I like him, Brady will have an “off” year compared to his historical numbers, but that’s still good enough to be a Top 5 guy probably.

      I’ll check out your blog, thanks for your thoughts!

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