2 comments on “Ichiro on 4,000: “I wasn’t expecting so much joy and happiness”

  1. Not to discount his achievement, because clearly he has performed at a high-level in the MLB as well as the Japanese League. But, would you count a football player’s stats that may have been achieved in the CFL before playing in the NFL? Or, a hockey player in the KHL prior to the NHL? I know none of it is apples:apples, but nonetheless, similar benchmarks can be drawn up.

    Again, he obviously has fared well in America and played to an incredible level of baseball. But, is it 2,722 hits or 4,000? Should his Japanese stats count?

  2. I agree. I think my favorite example is Warren Moon. He had 70,000 combined passing yards in his career. I was more thinking about Ichiro’s 4,000 hits because only two other guys have done that in history. Plus all the other stats he has put up starting at the age of 27. Its remarkable how he came over here and immediately played like an MVP as if he had been playing here the whole time.

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