4 comments on “TQB’s 2014 NFL Mock Draft 7.0

  1. as a ram fan i hope the new regime in houston trades out or leaves teddy then i feel confident we can trade down still get barr or matthews with our pick we get in the trade down and add another power player i like a trade with cleveland if they decide they have to get their qb at #2 we get their 2 first rounders to go with ours and if their first pick drops a few more spots they may have to throw in a 2nd round pick as well which we could use to maybe trade for kirk cousins (if washington answers the phone when we call lol)

    • I think it’s likely that Bradford will be back. If that’s not the case though – is Kirk Cousins really the guy you’d want replacing him? I think Cousins is an admirable backup, a guy like Ryan Fitzpatrick – who can come in and make a start if needed and play good enough to provide you an opportunity to win, but not necessarily your long-term answer as a signal caller. Barr and Matthews are my “lock’s” in this year’s top picks, you can’t go wrong with either regardless of who takes them. I like Trent Murphy a lot too, no way he’s around at #40 as mocked above.

  2. I may not have agreed with all of the picks, but out of all of the Mocks I’ve viewed (more than 50), this one makes the most sense. Good job.

    • I can’t say I disagree with you, I put the mock together and don’t even agree with all the picks. It’s tough at this point… We don’t know an official draft order. We don’t know who will be fired. We don’t know who will be re-signed, retire or let go and in turn who will be picked up in free agency. It’s pointless to even mock something, but it’s fun to do.

      The reason I even do these mocks is to get more familiar with the players coming up into the NFL. I feel like I have a much better sense of who’s in the NFL today because I got to know the player’s coming into the league more. Thanks for your comment and reading.

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